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The Basics

All submissions should include some use of generative AI. What this means is up to you (and the judges), but you'll generally be in a good place if you're using any of our sponsor's API.

Teams and Contestants

Teams are comprised of between 1 to 4 individuals. No more than 4 people are allowed on a team (and no less than one). AI bots like ChatGPT and Github Copilot do not count towards your team count. To be eligible, teams must register at least one week prior to the start of the competition (subject to space availability).

No worries if you work for a sponsor: they won't be able to influence the judging process. Moreover, don't worry if you know a judge either: we'll prevent judges from voting on a team they know personally and they're committed to staying impartial.

48 Hours

You've got precisely 48 hours to develop your idea during the Hackathon, not a minute more. The competition kicks off at December 1, 2023 0:00 UTC and ends at December 3, 2023 0:00 UTC. Be sure you understand what time that translates to in your local timezone.

Of course, feel free to work on the concept for your application before the competition starts: pretty hand-draw pictures on napkins, angry email threads between team members tab or space indentation, schema designs, finite state machines. Just no digital assets that you're going to use in the competition, including graphic design assets, code, etc.

After those 48 hours are up judging will ensue. No additional features or bug fixes are allowed during judging, or you will be disqualified. Please don't make use disqualify you; we'll be very sad.

Source Control

Source code will be hosted in a shiny, free git repository provided by GitHub. We'll send GitHub repo access information before the competition starts. Your team should push regularly to show progress. We'll be watching to make sure people don't cheat (don't think you can develop everything ahead of time and push it all at the end; we know lots of git tricks too).


To be judged, your entry needs to be accessible from a web browser. We cannot ask judges to download and install third-party software or libraries. We generally recommend entries to be web apps that make use generative AI. If you want to submit a non-web app, like a library or tool, you're welcome to, but you aren't likely to get judged fairly. If you do decide to submit something that isn't immediately accessible via the web, then we encourage you to think of a clever way to share it as a website. We also encourage contestants to include a 2-3 minute pitch video for judges. This will give judges context and present your entry in the best possible light.

Libraries and APIs

We encourage use of free and sponsored third-party web services and their APIs. Using libraries, plugins, and modules that are public and freely available is also allowed and encouraged. Free stock photos and icon sets are allowed. Using anything that is not free, sponsored, or generally available to all contestants is sneaky and not allowed, and not nice. Please list all APIs, libraries, and assets that you use on your team's profile page to give credit where it's due.

Ownership and Open Source

The code you write is yours. If you intend to share it after the competition, you can pick whatever license you love. We encourage contestants to open source their code, but it's totally up to you. If you want to start a business based on it, awesome. Note however, we will have access to your GitHub repository during the competition to audit for cheating, but we won't steal any of your secret recipes or patent-pending algorithms. Stealing will get us disqualified.

Why participate?

Generative AI is going to change the world. GPT Hackathon gives you training, tools, and an excuse to play with Generative AI for 48 hours to create something cool. Every team gets:

  • Free access to our sponsors’ APIs for the duration of the hackathon
  • Their work evaluated by at least 3 expert judges (including VCs, founders, industry insiders)
  • Listed on our leaderboard
  • The chance to win 1 of 5 sets of prizes: <<categories TBD>>


Don't break any laws. Don't harm any animals (especially potbellied pigs). Wear sunscreen and have fun. This is all for fun and glory, so don't hurt yourself.